Sep 14

Taylor Swift: Style Crush, Girl Crush (Level 2)



You know who I have a second degree girl crush on*? Taylor Swift. This photo confirmed it.

Taylor Swift at the Canadian Country Music Awards

Taylor Swift at the Canadian Country Music Awards

Let’s call it a style crush. Taylor Swift is everyone’s favourite faux-nerd celebrity giraffe. She is a pale waif with coltishly long limbs. She is delicate of bone and facial feature. She has perfectly blonde hair. When Ms Swift first rocked up to the world of celebutards, there were a lot of corkscrew ringlets going on. I wasn’t feeling that. It made her seem even more giraffe like, somehow.

She’s found a style groove now though and I personally covet love it. For a start, straight off the bat, Miss Swift has the enviable and rare combination of being able to rock a bright red lip and then having the guts to do it. Swiftie seems like the kind of girl who just accidentally stumbled upon this glorious fact too instead of having a cooing make-up artist cajoule her in to doing so. Either that or she’s fooling us all, Ziggy Stardust style.

Taylor Swift Beauty Fashion Lip Stick Red Lipstick

Red Lips

Her ponytails are just perfection. I don’t know how she does it but she can make an otherwise plain on pony, on someone else at least, look girly, cute and gorgeous.  I think her this is some how linked her enormous fringe.  What I’m glad about though is that this fringe isn’t the Zooey Deschanel so-twee-I-want-to-punch-you type.  Just take a look at her latest music video to see it’s magnificence:


Taylor Swift We Are Never Getting Back Together Video Fashion Lipstick Hair

Red lips and ponytail rocked in the We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together video

Now, unlikely the make-up, some savvy hairdresser definitely had their hand in this, I reckon:

Taylor Swift Hairstyles Hair Ponytail

You can also do this with a ponytail.

Her new music video also glimpses the main reason I love me a Swiftie: her dresses. Taylor Swift is the fifties high school sweetheart we all wish we could be. She is so often nailing these types of dresses. What I love is that they just go to show, you can look stunning and not have to show your whole ass-cheeks or some disgusting side boob. You can have class! You can look elegant and sophisticated but also look girlie and fun at the same time! I think her giraffe like proportions help here. A shorter girl, for example, might look dumpy or twee in these (okay, when I say “shorter girl”, I mean me).

My tipping point in the envy stakes, however, comes with the fact that her skinny legs allow her to wear flats with dresses too. You’ve heard about my ill-fated love affair with brogues: they make me look matronly. On Swiftie, however, those adorable dresses with flats make her look so carefree, feminine and lovely that I think my head might just explode.

Taylor Swift Style Fashion Dresses Ladylike


Anyway, I’ve gushed enough. Basically, she’s friggin’ blessed. In summary, however, to obtain the Tay-Tay triumvirate of awesome (that is, when you remove her unattainably perfect giraffe genes), one must find the following:

1. The perfect ponytail
2. Just the right shade of red lip
3. Gorgeous fifties dresses


Go forth and frolic.   Just don’t wear this…I hated this on her:

Taylor Swift at the MTV VMAs

At the MTV VMAs. Do not want!


* For those of you who don’t know about the levels of girl crushes, please see the below by a level one girl crush, Jenna Marbles (also one of my favourite videos on the internet ever):






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